Hot Water Beach

25 Minutes

Head out at low tide to dig your own 'DIY' Spa Pool at the gorgeous natural hot springs of world famous Hot Water Beach. 

NOTE: Hot Water Beach Road is steep and windy, and extremely busy at low tide. We will provide you with a collapsible shovel and a map for alternative beach access to assist in minimising traffic risk.

Cooks Beach

30 Minutes 

Cruise through rolling hills and farmland to stunning Cooks Beach for lunch, rest and relaxation.  

Cooks Beach offers safe swimming at both the beach and the estuary, great eateries and effortlessly relaxed beach vibes.

Shakespeare Cliff

40 Minutes

Just past Cooks Beach is Shakespeares Cliff on a beautiful Historic Reserve. Ride on up to the Look-Out carpark, secure the bikes to a tree and follow the path to stunning 360 degree views across Mercury Bay.

EXPERIENCED RIDERS ONLY: The Reserve has a loose gravel road so experience and caution is required for this ride.

Ferry Landing

45 Minutes

A relaxed ride past Cooks Beach and Flaxmill Bay leads to the Passenger Ferry at Ferry Landing. Ferry the bikes across to explore Whitianga Town on the other side.

A short 5 minute ride will take you to the Lost Springs Thermal Spa for a soak, pampering and/or a beautiful meal in this tropical oasis.

Cathedral Cove

via Cathedral Cove Gateway Trail on Lees Road

20 Minutes cycle to our bike rack,

then a 7 minute walk on the DOC track


Our new Bighorn Trail bikes are now able to access the Cathedral Cove Gateway Trail, a privately owned walking/cycling track to world famous Cathedral Cove.

As the public walking track at the top of Grange Road is a Department of Conservation (DOC) Reserve, no cycles are permitted.

However, negotiations with a local farmer has meant that Hahei eBike Hire customers can now access an alternative route via the Cathedral Cove Gateway Trail on nearby Lees Road. This well formed track through rolling farmland delivers you to our bike rack adjacent to an access gate to the DOC track and within just a SEVEN minute walk to the Cove!

PLEASE NOTE: Bookings are recommended to reserve the Bighorn trail bikes. This trail would suit experienced cyclists as there are some narrow and bumpy inclines to navigate.

There is an additional $5 charge per bike to access the track which is passed on to the landowner on your behalf.

December 2023- Unfortunately the Cathedral Cove Gateway Trail is currently unavailable to us due to public safety concerns following damage caused by Cyclone Gabrielle earlier this year. Engineers are currently working on assessing the public Cathedral Cove Track to commence strengthening and rebuilding the public pedestrian access..

Stella Evered Memorial Reserve

Accessed via Lees Road, Hahei

25 Minutes

The Stella Evered Memorial Park Trust is situated on the foreshore of Cooks Bay in the Hahei district overlooking Cooks Beach. Accessed from the top of Lees Road the Reserve is well worth a visit for its historical value, not withstanding the views and amazing scenery on the journey to reach it!

Lees Road is a sealed, low traffic area, and a lovely option to see another aspect of Hahei. The scenic country road leads you through farmland and pine forests, past avocado and macadamia nut orchards to this stunning historical park, high on the hill overlooking our beautiful coastline.

The trip up Lees Road can be easily made on either the Smart Motion road cruisers or the Bighorn trail bikes. However, due to the very uneven terrain and loose gravel, only the Bighorns can actually enter the park. 

IMPORTANT:  We ask our customers to use the gravel driveway to access the park, and NOT the designated walking tracks as these are very narrow in places and could pose danger to you and/or other pedestrians. Please remain alert for park vehicles travelling in the opposite direction.

The Historical Stone Steps at Purangi Reserve, Cooks Beach and the new Viewing Platform by the stream where Captain James Cook refilled his water barrels can all be readily accessed from the bottom of the driveway in dry weather conditions when the grassed areas are firm to ride upon.

Cathedral Cove Macadamia Orchard

Accessed via Lees Road, Hahei

20 Minutes

Its a stunning ride and a warm welcome awaits you at Cathedral Cove Macadamias orchard.  An abundance of bird life thrives in this beautiful setting of macadamia, NZ native and fruit trees, and the orchard shop is open daily 10am - 4pm with the exception of Wednesday when they are closed. 

Visitors are welcome to relax in the gardens with an ice cream or wander around the orchard on a self guided tour. If they aren't busy, the team are more than happy to show you a macadamia tree and give an insight into how the orchard works. 

Hand picked and Certified Organic, Cathedral Cove Macadamias offer variety of products from organic fruit, oils, dukkah and sweets. This place is definitely worth a visit!