Our eBikes

Smart Motion Pacer

Designed in New Zealand, the Smart Motion Pacer is the ultimate commuter bike. Easy to operate and reliable, these great little road bikes are perfect for touring. 

Visit our surrounding beach towns, taking your pick of great eateries along the way and being immersed in our gorgeous landscape!  

The Smart Motion Pacer has a awesome battery range of over 60km per charge, depending on the level of electric assist that you use.

With 5 levels of electric assist complemented by a smooth 9 speed Shimano gear system. you will be amazed at how far you can roam!

The small low step frame is suitable for riders up to 5ft 8in (170cm), and those who enjoy a scenic tour at a smooth, easy pace.

The Pacers are for on-road use only and must NOT be ridden off road, including on the Cathedral Cove Gateway Trail or the Stella Evered Reserve

Watt Wheels Bighorn

The new 2023 Watt Wheels Bighorn is also designed in New Zealand and we are excited to introduce them to our fleet!

The best thing about our new Bighorns is that they are lightweight trail bikes and are just as comfortable on trails as they are on the road, offering us access to a private farm track which can take our customers to within SEVEN minutes walk of world famous Cathedral Cove!

These bikes are capable of well over a 60km range per charge, dependent on rider weight, terrain traversed and the level of electric assist utilised on your adventure.

Currently available in medium and large low step frames, they are suitable for riders 5ft 8in (170cm) and upwards, with a max weight capacity of 120kg.  

Although the Bighorns can be ridden off-road, they CANNOT be ridden on the beach, or through water.  Riders will be invoiced for any damage incurred.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our eBikes are thoroughly inspected and Safety Checked before they are released to customers, and upon their return.

As per our Terms and Conditions, NONE of our eBikes can be ridden on the beach, in sand, or through water, with no exceptions.

Riders will be responsible for covering the costs of any damage and/or service repairs incurred.